Binfield Lighthouse – our Charity Contribution 2020

For our charity contribution this year, we will be supporting Binfield Lighthouse with food parcels.  They are a local group who voluntarily support people by preparing meals and tuck bags etc so that they can be cooked easily either in their homes or in basic accommodation which does not support a full kitchen.  For instance those who only have a microwave or single gas heater.  Lighthouse currently now support 70 of these most vulnerable people,  including 4  families.  One of which includes a father with 3 very young children, who has had to give up his job to care for his kids.  So instead of jam sandwiches they are all getting a cooked meal, because he struggles to find the time to even get to a foodbank.

These people are the most vulnerable in our communities and I would like to thank all of my clients who contributed food parcels this year. They will go to local people in the SL and RG postcodes, so your contributions have really helped. My boot was about twice as full as last year and we also had some monetary contributions which we added to our company shopping list. So whilst I do not know exactly what was raised in total – I would estimate it to be about £600. Here’s a picture of me masked up and dropping the food off to them on a wet Saturday morning.

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