Investment Advice Windsor

I am constantly asked “whats the best investment” and “where do you put your money” by my clients – however it should always be based around how much risk my client is prepared to take.  How do we work this out?  Well we have a  questionnaire which asks very intuitive questions to gauge the risk of our clients.  This is called Personal Risk Profiling.  This questionnaire has been created partnership with Ibbotson Associates who are world renowned Asset Allocation specialists.  Through detailed analysis we will generate a Risk Profile which we will discuss and agree with you.  Once this has been done we will select a suitable strategic asset allocation designed to meet your risk/return criteria.

We then used Model Portfolios which Ibbotson and Morningstar have helped us to create and they are the leading research houses in their respective fields.  Once this has been done we then implement your portfolio.  We will use research conducted by Old Broad Street Research (OBSR) or a diversified Model Portfolio. OBSR are a leading research agency who undertake a detailed analysis to create a best of breed fund ‘buy list’ on a quarterly basis.  We use this research to construct and adjust our portfolio’s.

This is our Structured Investment Process which we use to ensure that your investments are manged in accordance with the level of risk that you are willing to accept and  monitored regularly.

The value of investment can fall as well as rise and you may get back less than the original amount invested.

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