Should I change my pensions and investments in light of the COVID-19 pandemic?

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These are incredibly difficult times for us all. Our way of life has been turned upside down and many of us have experienced a huge impact on our livelihoods and personal wealth. Much of what we took for granted, from our health and freedom, to our jobs and financial stability, has been temporarily compromised and this has caused a lot of stress for many people.

We, as your friendly, local Windsor independent financial advisors, understand the challenges that the Coronavirus has unearthed and we can help. Despite the lockdown, we are still offering advice and consultations with clients via a webinar link. We have found this is a great way to advise and also reassure clients during this uncertain time.

A huge number of us are now working from home and may have more time on our hands. It’s time to take stock and, for some, an opportunity to reassess our finances and make changes that will help to secure our futures from a financial perspective. When there is so much uncertainty, evaluating our pensions and investments is something we can all do to regain some authority over our lives.

Should I be moving my investments to lower risk funds?

We all know that Coronavirus has hit the markets hard. However, previous evidence shows that pandemics in the past have only resulted in short-lived negative impacts on stock market performance. Although many will instinctively want to err on the side of caution with their pensions and investments in light of the impact of the virus, this isn’t necessarily the best option.

This is a great time to ask yourself whether your investment portfolio and the choices you have made in the past, with regards to your personal wealth management, need to be reviewed in light of the pandemic. Some of the recommendations we would make may not be in line with your expectations. It is possible to play it too safe, for example. Ask yourself, are you confident that your current investments are still suitable?

If the answer’s no, then maybe it’s time to give us a call and see if we can improve your portfolio and boost your returns. If you have some time to spare this week, why not dig out your pensions and investment policies and see if we can help you review their performance and charges. We always welcome calls from established or new clients.

Please call us to discuss your situation on 01753 290111.

Obviously, it’s important to acknowledge that no investment comes without risks and that returns can go both up and down and that past performance is no indication of future performance. We would always suggest that you take independent financial advice to assess your situation before changing your investments.


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