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Its that time of year when I have to start thinking about doing the dreaded accounts!  2 Days of copying my bank statements into my accounts software – its normally a real chore.  Not this year though!  I’ve recently signed up to using Freeagent which can import the data straight from my online bank accounts, taking me now only 2 hours to complete them!  You also get a months free trial,  to see if you like the software,  and if you sign up at the following site you also get a 10% discount 

It has most of the usual features of software accountancy, such as invoicing, profit and loss etc. and is really easy to use.

If you’ve completed your accounts and it looks like you might have a large tax bill, there might be tax planning which we can arrange to help you reduce this bill.  Obviously this will depend upon your personal circumstances and please call me to discuss on 01753 626866 or email me at


Giles Warren

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